5 Creative Exercises to Improve Your College Writing Skills

Remember one simple fact: no one will teach you how to become a good writer. Of course, you may find a talented tutor who will tell you secrets on crafting papers. But he or she won’t make you a person who’s able to influence the audience with words, change the opinions, or create an outstanding piece that will live forever. Only you can do that. You should work hard on your skills and qualities, practice every day, and maybe then you’ll manage to perform something beautiful. Our creative writing exercises for college students are the perfect beginning for a fresher. Add them to the routine, and soon you’ll see the progress.

Tips on How to Get Better at Creative Writing

If you aren’t going to connect your career with crafting texts, these skills are still necessary during academic years and in adult life. We prepared the best practices that will help you upgrade the quality of your essays. Our fun writing for students isn’t boring – we promise you’ll enjoy the process.

1. Tell a story of people in a photograph

Pick a picture or postcard from your archive and try to describe the story behind it. Look at characters and imagine how they act and speak. It’s Ok to find a pic online – your goal is telling a new story about it. When fulfilling creative writing exercises, you can ask yourself the following questions to make the process easier:

  • Who are these people, and what’s their background?
  • What connects the characters?
  • What’s the location of a scene?
  • What happened before the photo was taken?
  • What are they talking about?

2. Write in the morning

At first, it may seem to be one of the hardest daily writing exercises for writers as you should take a paper right after you wake up. But soon, you’ll understand how relaxing this practice is – make coffee or tea and start nothing whatever comes to your mind. Turn off an editor inside of you and enjoy the process. These creative writing exercises are an excellent method to activate your sleeping brain in the morning. Don’t show this text to anyone and return to it in a few weeks after you crafted it.

3. Short explanations

For example, you can limit yourself to 100 words – try to describe a subject or situation briefly. This task helps develop creative writing skills, the ability to think critically, and analyze the information. It shows how well you understand a concept.

4. Think out-of-the-box

It’s time to look at things from another corner. There are many ways to complete this funny task, and you will enjoy any of them. You can choose from the following writing exercises for beginners:

  • Read a classic poem and rewrite it as if it’s an article in a newspaper;
  • Pick a dialogue from your favorite book or movie, and change it. Play with it in any way: create something funny for a horror story or dramatic for a comedy;
  • Transform prose into a poem and vice versa.

5. Create reviews and recipes

Have you watched a new movie and want the world to know your opinion? Or you want to share a recipe for the tastiest pancakes? Just do it! Write a post in your social media or blog – it’s a simple and fun way to improve creative writing.

Benefits of Creative Writing Exercises for College Students

You will quickly upgrade your skills only by fulfilling these tasks every day. It doesn’t matter if you want to publish books after graduation or need to make your essays look better. College writing exercises help you craft influential texts, improve logical and critical thinking, analyze information faster,  and develop imagination. The result will exceed all expectations – you’ll progress in education and get higher grades. And who knows – maybe, the future of a successful writer is waiting around the corner.